SendChamp Acquired By Whogohost

SendChamp has been acquired by Whogohost, West Africa’s largest cloud infrastructure company.

Over the last two years, the startup has worked with over 6,000 businesses, including Surebet247, Baxi, Chowdeck, Wirepay by Maplerad, Bumpa, and TeamApt. It raised a US$100,000 funding round in late 2021 and has now been acquired by Whogohost as part of the latter’s strategic plans to deepen its value offering for its customer base.

The undisclosed acquisition cost will see Whogohost benefit from SendChamp’s product suite across marketing messages, OTP, and customer support systems, deepening its value proposition. SendChamp, meanwhile, will benefit from its access to Whogohost’s 100,000-plus customer database.

Goodness Kayode Whogohost, Co-founder, said: “We received offers from several businesses across diverse industries at different points in our journey but ultimately went with Whogohost when an offer came, given the synergies between our products and strategic positioning are clear. With this acquisition, we get to keep building SendChamp as an interoperable product within Whogohost’s integrated platform,”

At Whogohost, the acquisition of SendChamp is regarded as the first in a strategic series of steps to transform the company from a domain and hosting Infrastructure Company to a diverse digital services platform focusing on domains, online presence, communication, and online commerce products.

Opeyemi Awoyemi, founder at Whogohost, said: “Over the last 16 years, Whogohost has provided domain hosting services to hundreds of thousands of businesses. The acquisition of SendChamp presents us with a unique opportunity to evolve our business from domain-hosting to a one-stop shop for digital services for entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa. We’re excited about what this means for us.”

SendChamp will continue to operate as an independent product in the months following the acquisition as it transitions to new ownership. However, in the near future, its products and services will become accessible via the Whogohost integrated platform. Kayode will join Whogohost as chief product officer, while Olotu will join as chief technology officer.



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