VALR’s Payments Service Now Available At All Pick N Pay Tills

VALR has partnered with CryptoConvert to make VALR payments available throughout South Africa at all Pick n Pay tills.

The company, which raised a US$50 million Series B funding round in March 2022, now serves half a million retail customers and over 800 corporate and institutional clients from across the globe and has processed over US$10 billion in trading volume.

Since launching VALR Pay in June 2021, VALR has helped its customers make instant payments in crypto or rands to any cell phone number, email address or VALR Pay ID, completely free of charge. The partnership with CryptoConnect means all VALR customers can use VALR Pay to spend Bitcoin to purchase goods and services at Pick n Pay, one of the largest supermarket chains in sub-Saharan Africa, using the VALR mobile app.

The feature is initially available to Android users directly from the VALR App, with iOS being rolled out soon. iOS users can still use VALR Pay at Pick n Pay by downloading the CryptoQR app and setting their default wallet to VALR Pay.

Blake Player, VALR’s head of growth, said: “We’re excited about this partnership. It is a great leap forward for the utility of VALR Pay. It opens up crypto payments to a much wider audience than what was previously possible in South Africa.”


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