Complete Farmer Raises $10.4m Pre-Series A Round To Drive Expansion Plans

The Ghanaian agri-tech startup connects African farmers and global industries to competitive markets, resources, data, and each other on a single platform.

Complete Farmer has raised a US$10.4 million pre-Series A funding round to drive its expansion plans. Its farmer-focused product, CF Grower, helps African farmers optimise their productivity, access global markets, and improve their livelihoods through precision farming tools and data-driven cultivation protocols.

On the other hand, CF Buyer serves buyers worldwide by providing them with reliable and easy access to commodities grown to meet their specifications.

The US$10.4 million funding round was a mixture of equity and debt, with the equity portion co-led by the Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund (ARAF) and Alitheia Capital via its uMunthu II Fund in partnership with Goodwell Investments. Proparco, Newtown Partners and the VestedWorld Rising Star Fund joined them.

Debt financing was provided by Sahel Capital’s Social Enterprise Fund for Agriculture in Africa (SEFAA), Alpha Mundi Group through its Alpha Jiri Investment Fund, and Global Social Impact Investments to fund both CAPEX and working capital investments in support of short and long-term growth.
Complete Farmer has brought together over 12,000 farmers across five key regions in Ghana and overseen the cultivation of over 30,000 acres of land, delivering commodities to Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world, and reducing post-harvest losses. The funding will expand its impact further, driving its expansion plans, facilitating the scaling of its operations, and further enhancing its technology infrastructure.

Desmond Koney, CEO of Complete Farmer, said: “At Complete Farmer, we are on a mission to revolutionise Africa’s agriculture value chain to ensure competitiveness for all stakeholders involved. We are thrilled to welcome our new partner investors, seasoned experts in the industry who have a profound understanding of our mission, enabling them to make valuable contributions along our entire supply chain. It is a pleasure to have partners who share our belief in Complete Farmer’s potential impact on sustainable food production and food security in Africa and the rest of the world.”

Tamer El-Raghy, managing director of ARAF, said: “Our goal at ARAF is to invest and grow local enterprises that support smallholder farmers in building resilience to climate change. Complete Farmer’s technology platform and farming protocols enable farmers to access quality inputs, agronomical support, and premium markets, resulting in improved yields and income, as reported by the farmers. Therefore, we are excited to partner with Complete Farmer over its next growth phase through expanding in Ghana and other parts of the region.”

Tokunboh Ishmael, managing partner at Alitheia Capital, said: “Employing home-grown technology developed in Africa, Complete Farmer serves as a vital bridge that connects local farmers and their products with global markets and financial resources. This connectivity results in increased incomes for farmers, elevated product quality, broader access for buyers, and an overall enhancement of global trade dynamics.”

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