Tanzanian Startup, Bizzyn Has Started Operations in Kenya and Malawi

Tanzanian business management startup, Bizzyn is making cloud-based financial software available for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Africa.

Some of Bizzyn’s business solutions include an intuitive user interface, customizable invoicing and expense tracking, bank reconciliation, tax preparation, financial reporting, and warehouse management.

Emmanuel Kimaro and Abbas Mussa started Bizzyn in 2021 with help from Adanian Labs and they have now expanded their software service to Kenya and Malawi and they want to grow across the continent.

Bizzyn is an all-in-one tool that makes financial tasks easier, reduces mistakes, and saves time and money, allowing businesses to focus on growing.

According to Kimaro, many other existing solutions like Bizzyn’s were too hard for people to use and also costly or didn’t follow local financial rules.

While there are big international competitors, Bizzyn believes it is different because its software is designed specifically for the local and it is affordable.

The startup has been doing well since its launch. It’s getting attention from SMBs in Africa who want an affordable and easy way to handle their finances as described by one of the co-founders.

Bizzyn is already helping customers in Kenya and Malawi. They plan to expand to more African markets and maybe other places with similar business needs.

Bizzyn makes money from subscription plans, offering different options to suit different SMBs.

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