US Based Company, WriteSea, Acquires Nigerian AI Startup CoverAI

US-based company WriteSea has acquired CoverAI, a Nigerian startup that’s only been around for three months but the details of this deal haven’t been disclosed.

CoverAI was created by Chris Adolphus, who used to be a lead designer at Chaka. CoverAI is built to help people find their dream jobs by making their CVs better, writing great cover letters, and teaching them how to ace interviews.

Since its launch, CoverAI got interest from over 12 potential buyers through Acquire, a startup marketplace. Now, WriteSea, based in the United States, has acquired it. While we don’t know the exact price, it’s estimated to be under $50,000 according to reports.

Adolphus, the founder of CoverAI, kept quiet about the exact value, but he mentioned that he self-funded the platform with about $386. He said: “Selling the startup was the plan from day one, but it could have easily been a six-figure deal, considering the tech we built,”

CoverAI helps people make their CVs shine, write great cover letters, track job applications, get ready for interviews, and create targeted networking messages.

WriteSea, on the other hand, helps businesses streamline their operations, handle projects, manage customer relationships, and offer a marketplace.

WriteSea’s team, led by Brandon Mitchell (CEO), Hanzla Ramey (CTO), Leander Howard II (CMO), and Amit Nath (VP of Sales), provides job boards, hiring platforms, and career services to help marginalised job seekers succeed in a tough job market.

By acquiring CoverAI, WriteSea can enhance its services. It aims to make the job application process faster, helping you apply for jobs in less than five minutes and feel more confident during interviews.

This aligns with WriteSea’s goal of acquiring 1,000 companies in the next two to three years.

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