Treepz and Octamile Join Forces to Unveil Insurance Program for Travelers & Hosts in Nigeria

Nigerian mobility startup Treepz has joined forces with insurtech company Octamile to introduce a new insurance program called Treepz Care.

This program is designed to bring a significant change to travel and mobility by providing extensive insurance coverage and peace of mind to Treepz’s community, which includes both guests and hosts.

Treepz, formerly known as Plentywaka, operates a digital platform that allows passengers to book daily rides along fixed routes.

It also serves as an aggregator for bus travel companies across many Nigerian cities, helping them transition from traditional manual services and ticketing to digital solutions.

In February, Treepz expanded its operations to Kenya after securing additional funding of $1.2 million in the previous year through strategic investment deals.

On the other hand, Octamile is focused on simplifying insurance solutions and is trusted by various B2C companies, including Gokada, Terminal Africa, Traccsystems, Messenger, DriveMe, Traction, Spreentar, and Kredibank.

Octamile’s clients rely on Octamile’s API and widgets to offer insurance services to businesses and customers.

The collaboration between Treepz and Octamile has led to the creation of Treepz Care, which includes a range of insurance services tailored for both guests and hosts. These services cover guest protection, host protection, driver accident insurance, and various benefits.

Onyeka Akumah, CEO of Treepz said: “We are delighted to partner with Octamile, a company that has established itself as a leader in the digital insurance industry over the years, to introduce Treepz Care, its insurance programme designed for the users of its marketplace – both guests and hosts.”

Akumah, emphasised the growing demand in the travel and mobility sectors as people look for flexible means of transportation to explore places near and far. Treepz’s goal is to create Africa’s largest car-sharing marketplace for car rentals, with a strong commitment to safety, including comprehensive insurance coverage for both guests and hosts.

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