Botswana’s President Wants to Harness Technology to Revitalise Diamond Industry

Botswana, the world’s top diamond producer, is adapting to changing times.

President Masisi has urged diamond-producing nations to embrace technology for the industry’s sustainability. He made this call during a speech at the FACETS Conference in Gaborone, Botswana, organised by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

Masisi stressed the importance of technology, like drones for surveys and advanced water management systems, to minimise the environmental impact of diamond mining.

He also highlighted the use of blockchain technology for tracing diamonds to ensure ethical sourcing and mentioned the potential of nanotechnology in diamond processing, with applications in fields like medical imaging and quantum computing.

Earlier this year, President Masisi’s administration announced plans to invest in a 24% stake in HB Antwerp, a diamond manufacturer known for its cutting-edge technologies, including an automated diamond polishing robot, a blockchain-based diamond tracker, and a stereo microscope for diamond inspection.

This move aims to enhance the natural diamond trade.

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