X Introduces New Audio and Video Calling Features

X, previously known as Twitter, now offers new communication tools like audio and video calls. Elon Musk, the owner who rebranded Twitter as X, introduced these features for some users, following his vision of making the platform an “everything app.”

You can use these features on Apple’s iOS, and Android support is on the way. To get started, open a direct message with another user, click the phone icon, and choose between audio or video calls.

Currently, only premium subscribers can make calls, but everyone can receive them. Both parties must have exchanged direct messages at least once to be able to utilise these features.

As X evolves under Musk, it aims to become a versatile app, covering messaging, social networking, and peer-to-peer payments. Musk is also testing a yearly fee for platform access in select regions.

Although not all users are thrilled about these new features, they align with Musk’s goal of making X an “everything app” like China’s WeChat. Despite these changes, X has seen a 13% decrease in daily active users since Musk’s takeover, following a turbulent period on the platform.

As X moves forward, its impact on user engagement and its place in the social media world remains uncertain.

To make calls on X:
1. Go to settings, then privacy & safety.
2. Choose the direct messages option and enable audio and video calling.
3. Open your direct messages.
4. Select a chat or start a new one.
5. Click the phone symbol.
6. Choose ‘Audio call’ or ‘Video call’ by tapping the right icons.
7. The person you call will receive a notification, and if they don’t answer, they’ll get a notification about the missed call.

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