Bolt Secures License to Operate in Kenya After Fulfilling NTSA Demands

Bolt Kenya’s operating license has been extended for another year after Bolt met certain demands from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

This good news came after NTSA had refused to issue the ride-hailing service a new license to continue operations in the country earlier this month.

First, Bolt clarified to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) that it was not charging drivers more than the allowed 18% commission. Some people had misunderstood this due to the booking fee. However, Bolt assured that its commission strictly followed the 18% regulation.

Secondly, Bolt stopped the booking fees, which were considered “illegal” by the NTSA because they weren’t part of the official regulations. Bolt suspended these fees while discussing the matter with the NTSA. The fees did not affect the drivers’ earnings.

Lastly, Bolt established a driver engagement center to improve its relationship with drivers and address their issues. This was a major concern as Bolt drivers didn’t have a physical office in Kenya to voice their concerns.

Bolt is also planning to invest €500 million in expanding its presence in the African market in 2024, with a portion of it dedicated to the Kenyan market, where it operates in 16 towns and cities with around 50,000 driver partners.

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