SA Prop-Tech Neighbourgood Acquires Local Travel Company, Local Knowledge

Neighbourgood, a South African property technology startup known for enhancing neighborhoods globally, has made a big move by acquiring Local Knowledge, a travel-tech company.

With 1,000 living and working spaces already established and another 650 in the works for 2024, Neighbourgood is rapidly becoming a major player in African hospitality.

The acquisition of Local Knowledge, a travel experience and tech company, is more than just a business merger for Neighbourgood. According to Neighbourgood, it’s a union of two visionary missions aiming to redefine how we live, work, and experience cities.

The goal is to make a positive impact on local communities while fostering meaningful connections.

Local Knowledge will now be instrumental in shaping “The Experience Vertical” of Neighbourgood. This means Neighbourgood guests can expect to create lasting memories and connections through authentic local experiences, community events, and an intuitive app offering personalised recommendations and insider access to city happenings.

Murray Clark, the CEO of Neighbourgood, sees this acquisition as a significant milestone in the travel and hospitality industry.

It signals a shift towards a future where travel is about more than just destinations; it’s about the friendships, experiences, and communities formed along the way. Neighbourgood and Local Knowledge are poised to lead this transformative journey.

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