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7 AI-Powered Softwares For Every Podcaster

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The advent of AI-powered software for podcasters is mitigating several challenges. These AI tools allow difficulties such as noisy background sounds, subpar audio setup, inaccurate transcription and other podcast imperfections to be quickly eliminated. With a few clicks, your podcasts can turn out excellent if you maximize the following AI-powered software presented in this article.

If you already have excellent audio production gear, you can as well use these tools to take your podcast up a notch and stand out from the crowd of about 2 million podcasts in 2023, as reported by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Adobe Podcast

This AI-powered tool claims to have big plans for the future of audio, and it’s easy to believe this claim because of the fantastic features it has for you.

With Adobe Podcast, you can easily record with a co-host or guest on your podcast from remote locations by sharing a link. Its editing tool allows you to edit your audio from the transcribed words of your recording instead of using traditional waveform editing. This feature allows for precision while editing, thereby saving you time.

If you lack mic setup skills, Adobe Podcast is your hero. While eliminating background noise, its mic check AI guides you through proper mic setup for high-quality sound, as in a professional studio.

Finding good music that engages your podcast can be challenging because most music is copyrighted. Beatoven AI could be your solution to getting original and royalty-free music for your background sounds or soundtrack that fits your podcast’s story.

Beatoven AI creates unique music with industry-standard mixing and mastering by combining advanced music theory and production concepts.

With this tool, you are empowered to be your music producer. The unlimited customization that comes with this AI-powered software allows its users to customize the genre, length, mood, and instruments of every music made.

Clean voice

Clean Voice offers podcasters stellar audio quality by implementing speech fluency after the final edit. It automatically detects and removes sounds such as clicking, stuttering, lip-smacking, and filler sounds like ‘uhhhh’, ‘ummm’, and other sounds people make while trying to process a thought.

This AI can detect and shorten long silences so you maintain audience engagement. It can also detect and remove filler sounds in languages like German and French. It’s incredible to know that its algorithm is accent-inclusive and can process various accents like Australian and Irish.

This AI saves you plenty of time by doing heavy-duty editing. While you are still training your speech to ensure an uninterrupted verbal flow of thoughts, this AI-powered software could help while recording audio or a podcast.


One of the standout features of this tool is the ability to create a digital copy of your Voice. With this text-to-speech feature, the next time you don’t have time to record a podcast, you can get someone to write a script and use your digital human-generated Voice to create a podcast for your listeners.

If you get hands-on by recording solo with your Voice, its recording feature promises studio-quality sound. After recording, its magic dust helps to upgrade your audio and eliminate background sound with a few clicks.

Podcastle is a web-based platform with a mobile app for recording podcasts on the go, but this app is only available on iOS devices.


As its name implies, this AI converts your audio to text with extraordinary features that make the transcribing process and the transcript top-notch.

Its features include:

  • Robust speech recognition that converts speech to text in seconds
  • A multi-language audio-to-text converter that supports non-native accents
  • Speaker recognition and identification in a multi-participant conversation
  • Proofreading interface that aids the verification of speech recognition results.

If you are looking for software that does the one job of speech-to-text, then this AI-powered software should have your attention.


This tool has an array of features that make podcasting worthwhile. This AI-powered software transcribes your audio as you record and provides a feature through which you can edit your audio by editing your text.

Descript is one of the few AI tools that allows for very realistic cloning of your Voice, which fosters a text-to-speech audio/podcast creation model. It has a stock of ultra-realistic voices to choose from as well. With its one-click audio enhancement feature, you can remove echoes, filler sounds, and other imperfections in your audio. Descript is also a video editor, but it’s suitable for audio editing just as much.


If you run an entertainment podcast channel that features movies you produce, you already know that using multiple characters is inevitable for your storytelling. Altered helps you create different character voices. This means you need to employ more Voice artists or professional actors to tell your story.

This Voice altering AI-powered tool helps you create the specific Voice you need for a project. It can help you clone the Voice of your favourite actor or a friend. The altered Voice can be your Voice at a younger age as well. It has a good range of features that foster easy audio content recording and editing during post-production.


Produce Sophisticated Podcast With AI-powered Software

Upgrade your listeners’ experience with this AI-powered softwares. Some can be downloaded as an App on your smart device or accessed via an internet browser. These tools are designed to fix the loophole caused by the lack of a standard studio, low-quality audio devices and mic setup.

The future of podcasts is bright, according to Statista’s projection of an increase in podcast listeners even in 2024. Now is the best time to master the tools to help you create great podcast episodes and attract more subscriptions.


Written by: Moses Atoyebi


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