About Us

About Us

Techlivefeeds.com is your premier source for cutting-edge tech news, proudly serving the tech-savvy community of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our journey began on August 4, 2021, when Isaac Atoyebi, a seasoned Corporate Communications Executive with a passion for technology, ventured into the vibrant world of Tech Media in Nigeria and across Africa.

At Techlivefeeds.com, we collaborate with talented guest contributors, but our mainstay is Damife Isaac, who serves as both the reporter and editor, ensuring that our readers receive the latest and most accurate updates.

Presently, Techlivefeeds.com is at the forefront of reporting breaking news within the Nigerian and African tech spheres. We are committed to nurturing a thriving newsletter community, enhancing our readership management, and providing an exceptional user experience.

Reporting Corrections or Publications

We take accuracy seriously. If you spot any errors in our coverage or publications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@tlf.com. We believe in transparency and are dedicated to publicly acknowledging and rectifying any fact-based errors in our content.

Permission Requests

If you wish to request the use or reprint of copyrighted and trademarked content from Techlivefeeds.com, kindly send an email to Damifeisaac@gmail.com. In your email, kindly provide the following details:

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Welcome to Techlivefeeds.com, and we hope you enjoy your informative journey with us!

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