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Evolve Credit Launches Cloud-Based Lending Software

The Nigerian fintech marketplace brings lenders and borrowers together in one place, and makes comparison easier.

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Evolve Credit said has launched Configure, its new cloud lending software that it says will power thousands of new loan providers over the next five years.

Evolve Credit raised pre-seed funding just over a year ago, and has now rolled out Configure, an affordable bank-level core lending platform that enables lenders to build, launch, and manage any type of loan product end-to-end across multiple distribution channels.

‘Configure’ aims to make it easier and faster for microfinance players, upstart lenders, and non-bank providers to deploy credit products in days rather than months, while existing lenders are also able to digitize their processes. Built to be flexible and configurable, the cloud-based lending platform is able to support lending end-to-end — frontend web forms, backend dashboards, and third-party integrations.

The platform is already live with lenders in Nigeria and Zimbabwe, who have originated and disbursed over US$500,000 in loans since the private beta launch in August.

Akan Nelson, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Evolve Credit stated: “We want to power thousands of new loan providers over the next five years. We want to make billions of dollars in credit available to millions of people and SMEs.”

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