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Gifty Launches Digital Storefront Creation Platform

The Nigerian startup allows users to set up their digital storefronts in less than five minutes

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Gifty has launched a digital storefront creation platform that allows merchants to list their products and get a unique link for their shop to start receiving orders via direct message.

It already has hundreds of users, with Akpan saying vendors liked the ease of use and how its workflow delivered order summaries directly onto active communication lines.

Victor Akpan Gifty, CEO, said: “Subscription drives our revenue, and progressively we’ll introduce ads and other valuable services like payments and APIs for offline store inventory. We have to pay customers, but we tend to onboard more users on the free tier now, before they find a need for paying subscriptions.”

According to the CEO, Gifty has thus far been self-funded but is currently working on a round with multiple investors. Akpan said it is Nigeria-focused but does have interest from across the continent.

“We plan to expand to other African countries within the year as part of our user acquisition plan,” he added.


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