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Jibu Launches Differentiated Offering

The Tanzanian music-streaming startup aims to provide independent music artists and labels with affordable and equal access to all digital music channels worldwide.

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Jibu said it has launched a differentiated offering it claims gives a more significant chunk of revenues to independent artists than labels and distributors.

Kilimwomeshi experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by artists when he recorded two albums that failed to receive a distribution contract with a notable distributor. This led him to reinvent technology as a channel to leverage himself and other aspiring independent artists across Africa.

More than 1,000 artists are registered, with over 4,500 songs distributed. Jibu Music makes money by charging annual subscriptions and revenue commissions for those who choose the freemium plan. Artists are also offered diverse subscription options, up to a monthly labelling plan at US$39.99.

“While conventional streaming platforms give a large chunk of their revenues to record labels and distributors, the artists, producers, and copyright owners who use Jibu Music to deliver music through its partnership can maintain an independent and highly successful music distribution while having access to a fully-transparent accounting of royalty earnings and having their songs available across multiple digital platforms and gadgets,” Kilimwomeshi said.


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