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Mr. Green Africa Secures Latest Round Of Funding

The Kenyan Recycling Startup has developed a technology-driven plastics collection model that enables waste collection at the source, integrating informal waste workers, micro-entrepreneurs and consumers into a formal value chain.

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Mr. Green Africa, a Kenyan plastics recycling pioneer, has been boosted by a major round of investment by impact driven investors and key industry stakeholders to scale its business model across the continent.

The startup works closely with brand owners to realize their sustainable packaging goals by accessing ethically sourced, locally produced Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR). Its mission is to turn waste into value, thereby integrating and strengthening a localized circular economy in emerging markets.

Mr. Green Africa said the investment will allow it build on its success and scale its business model. By improving the output quality of its recycled plastics to a food-grade standard and significantly increasing the capacity, Mr. Green Africa will contribute to a broader circular plastics economy.

According to the startup, it plans to create a new sourcing stream by integrating consumers from all income brackets incentivized to deposit plastic waste back into the MGA collection systems, and also plans to increase the capacity of the production plant to process 15-20,000 MT of plastic waste in the East Africa region.

Keiran Smith, Mr. Green Africa Co-founder and CEO said: “We are delighted to bring together and align such diverse groups of partners and investors to join this journey of Mr. Green Africa. It’s a testament to the authenticity of the vision and purpose of what the company and its people stand for.”

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