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Orda Raises $3.4 Million In Seed Funding

The Nigerian food tech startup solution allows restaurants to easily manage their dine-in orders and sales from other channels. This works with little to no internet.

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Orda said it had raised a $3.4 million seed investment to help it to digitize many African restaurants through its cloud-based operating system.

The company had raised $1.1 million in pre-seed funding at the beginning of the year. The latest funding brought its total raise to $4.5 million.

According to the company, it plans to improve its services to help more African restaurants maximize their business operations and expand distribution. Among the features, Orda wants to improve upon include the loan, credit, and payment options. It will also assist clients in maximizing the value of their businesses.

Orda also plans to expand its network of restaurants and continue its pan-African expansion drive into South Africa and much later, Ivory Coast.

This seed round was jointly led by New York-based Fintech Collective and emerging market investor Quona Capital. Existing investors like LoftyInc Capital, Enza Capital, and the Norrsken Foundation, as well as brand-new venture capital firms like Outside VC and Far Out Ventures, are among the additional investors.

Kofoworola Agbaje, the senior investment associate at Quona Capital, said: “When a restaurant owner moves from pen and paper to a fully automated digital platform, it’s incredibly empowering.”

Agbaje stated that she believes small and medium-sized restaurants and the livelihoods of those who run them could be significantly impacted by a solution like Orda.


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