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Shoptreo Launches B2B Marketplace For Informal Retailers

The Nigerian startup helps connect African manufacturers, artisans and vendors with the online market.

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Shoptreo has launched an online B2B marketplace for African informal retailers and vendors who specialize in African-made products.

Emmanuel Jacobs, Shoptreo founder said: “There has been a challenge on how to take African products to Africa, and, so we launched the Shoptreo marketplace for Africa and for every African entrepreneur to benefit from and also to bridge the gap.”

“For some Nigerians and Africans who depend on made in Africa products, they had to travel far, some had to close their businesses to be able to go to the market to restock their stores. But with the Shoptreo marketplace, these people can stay in the comfort of their homes or offices and allow the market to come to them by just ordering from our website or directly from their preferred vendor, and be assured of safe delivery,” Jacobs said.

Shoptreo has had users from Nigeria and other parts of Africa including South Africa, Ghana and Cameroon, and it hopes to expand continent-wide.



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