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Snapplify Starts Teacha! Brand In Kenya

The SA ed-tech startup provides a marketplace for digital education content, related educational services and devices, offering e-learning solutions to over thousands of schools, colleges and universities, and hundreds of thousands of students.

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Snapplify has launched its Teacha! brand in East Africa, making thousands of teaching resources immediately available to teachers.

Using the Teacha! resource marketplace, teachers can buy and sell their teaching resources online. It includes downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, presentations, interactive lessons, assessments, summaries, flashcards, posters, clip art, book covers, planners and more. Many of these resources are also available for free, for teachers to download and use.

Jean Vermeulen, Teacha! founder said: “Teacha! is already the home of the largest community of teachers in Africa and we’re thrilled to be supporting more Kenyan teachers with key teaching resources.”


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