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SWVL Cut Jobs By 50% Months After Laying Off Over 400 Employees

The Cairo-founded and Dubai-based mobility startup is a global provider of transformative tech-enabled mass transit solutions.

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SWVL, a provider of mass transit and shared mobility services, has completed its second round of layoffs, affecting 50% of its remaining workforce.


This is coming six months after SWVL terminated 32% of its personnel as part of a “portfolio optimization program” initiative meant to generate positive cash flow in the upcoming year.

At the time, more than 400 employees were impacted, leaving more than 900 behind, according to Techcrunch.

However, the number of workers at SWVL would have fallen to a little over 450 with this second round of layoffs. SWVL also shut down all of its operations in Pakistan two weeks ago, according to several reports.


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