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Twiga Food Layoff Employees, Cuts Benefit For Others

The Kenya Agri-tech firm had in October stopped its engagement with expatriates who were offering different services across various departments.

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Twiga Foods said it is downsizing its workforce in measures that will see those remaining lose some of the benefits that they have been enjoying, coming months after the firm expanded its business with an Sh1.6 billion investment.

The company, previously disclosed it had a workforce of 1,000, now says it has transitioned all its trade development representatives to agents as it changes its operations into an agency model for its sales team.

Twiga has also cut its staff per diem for the remaining staff from a high of Sh4,000 to Sh1,000 where accommodation has been provided on a single room bed and breakfast basis. The firm has also limited employees’ travel allowances to those whose work necessitates them to travel for more than 75 per cent of the month.

“As a result of this transition to the agent model, your employment with Twiga will terminate on November 30, 2022. We invite you to transition into a new relationship with Twiga as an agent effective November 1, 2022”

The company said those who will not accept appointment as agents will not be required to work as trade development representatives during the one-month notice period to enable them to seek alternative engagements.

“The travel allowance will include all costs related to the movement of the employee in her/his personal vehicle to attend to the business of the company. Executives will identify employees in their team, whose jobs fit the criteria for a travel allowance,” the firm said.



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