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Yuki Partners Aladdin Digital

The Nigeria-based company is an investing crypto robo-advisor that gives anyone with smartphone access to planning tools, advice, and curated and thematic crypto portfolios.

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Yuki has partnered with neo-bank Aladdin Digital to mainstream digital assets in Africa.

Yuki, a product of Nigerian invest-tech startup ComiBlock, launched in February 2021 as a goal-based investing crypto robo-advisor that gives anyone with a smartphone access to planning tools, advice, curated and thematic crypto-portfolios.

In September of last year, the startup secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Expert Dojo, a California-based growth accelerator, to help it scale and invest in product development as it builds to accelerate responsible crypto investing for people across frontier markets.

One such product is Yuki, which aims to simplify digital assets for African web2 fintech companies via pre-built workflows, APIs, and compliance. To take this mainstream, Yuki has just announced a partnership with neo-bank Aladdin Digital, bringing digital assets to Aladdin’s more than 75,000 users in Nigeria.

Dennis Mary, Yuki CEO, said, “African fintech has already shown us what they can do to take banking UX to the next level. Now, with digital assets, they can achieve even more. I also started Yuki to provide them with compliant tools and infrastructure to transform digital assets UX in Africa. I deeply believe that crypto in Africa can’t succeed without the incumbent fintech adopting it.”

“Together, we can drive innovation and empower more people to access the benefits of decentralized finance,” Mary added.




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